Adeline Mathuriel

The Lady of Harpshelter


Titles: The Lady of Harpshelter

Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Class: Unknown
Home Town: Unknown

Profession: Caretaker, Healer

Affiliate: Leader of Harpshelter


She has been around longer than the 30 years Bayard ruled Lanterith. In that space of time the lady never changed. She is a beacon of hope to the less fortunate, destitute and poor as she never stops providing to those in need. Without her the homeless and down trodden would have left or died long ago. She provides welfare and proper care for those in need for as long as Lanterith has had Kings.

Her refuges are the various Harpshelters scattered about Lanterith where anyone can find food and a place to stay if they are willing to spend just a little time helping someone else. The Lady is often seen in these shelters, working just like everybody else.

Ignored by most, but still unavoidable, is her youth despite all her supposed years of age. Some say a new lady takes her place every so often, or that she is an elf but those who make such assumtions are simply afraid to know the truth.

Adeline Mathuriel

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