Bello Morte

Local Hero


Titles: Hero, Bouncer at Lions Head Tavern, Smart Ass, Plunderer of purse, panty and pantry.

Age: 40
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Duelist
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Adventurer, Retired, Bouncer, Mercenary

Affiliate: Unknown


Bello has lived his entire life in Lanterith on and off, between adventures and chasing quests with Thray and Feyenna. He spends most of his time these days at the Lions Head Tavern as its bouncer. He commands a small group of mercenaries that also guard the tavern with him. Bello’s history sounds much like ever local hero save but his few indulgences to the pleasures of drink, greed and a lonely woman’s bed.

Bello Morte

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