Gate Council Guard

Members of the Gate Council


Titles: Gate Council Guard, Crown Sentinels

Age: 30-60
Race: Any
Class: Fighters, Cavaliers, Paladins, Clerics, and Rangers
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Soldiers

Affiliate: Gate Council


Gate Council members vow away their formers lives and become tireless defenders of the law and government structures. The members begin as squires starting from the ages of 12-15 taking care of their mentors, their animal companions, weapons and armor and training along side them. Around the ages of 18 they graduate and become Council Knights and train a powerful avian companion for themselves, preferably a eagle, hawk or large barn owls. When the animal companion dies they are tested by their mentors, if successful they are sworn in as Gate Council Guards. If they fail they must train a new companion and try again.. Newly sworn in members replace their mentors and select squires of their own. Their mentors eventually become care takers in the aviary. Their entires lives are usually lived within the Gate Council district and among the streets and structures they protect.

Some Squire Knights become Crown Sentinels if their skill exceeds their mentors highest expectations. Members in this elite group are never seen above ground until a new king is crowned or a former kings crown is being to the Foundation Court. They are the only ones allowed to handle the Crown of Lanterith when there is no crowned king to do so. They protect the crown, the crowned king and the Foundation Court as their primary responsibilities. They unlike their other counterparts do not select birds as animal companions, instead they train creatures that dwell within the sewers and undercrofts.

Gate Council Guard

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