Glarim the Wyrm Slayer

General of the Lanterith 1st Army


Titles: General, Wyrm Slayer, Living City Saint, Staint Lanter.

Age: 27
Race: Human, Wyrm Blooded
Class: Paladin
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Soldier, General

Affiliate: Unknown


Lionela Glarim stood when her father, Madclaw Glarim fell to the Wyrm who came to ruin the kingdom of Greylight, the queens homeland. Lionela picked up her fathers sword and charged the beast, rallying her fathers army. it was that moment the kingdom of Lanter discovered she was Wyrm blooded as she smote the beast upon her griffon, Shallion. She took upon her, her fathers title and when the beaten and tired army returned home she was awarded the highest honor the king could bestow, the Title of Living City Saint.

Lionela can be found in the city on rare occasion surrounded by coworkers and Adriari Seymer at the Lions Head tavern enjoying drinks, listening to the weave of stories told by Chend Uruchus.

Glarim the Wyrm Slayer

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