Knight Dutreyli Catherleign

Host of the Catherleign Knights


Titles: Madame Knight Dutreyli Catherleign, Noble Hostess of Catherleign.

Age: 78
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Cleric
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Curator, Soldier, Historian

Affiliate: Catherleign.


Dutreyli is the current hostess and curator of the noble house Catherleign. It is her duty to manage their current standing and continue in their cause maintaining the magical artifacts in the kingdoms boarders. Dutreyli, while she appears beautiful now she is sadly cursed and can never leave the Catherleign Commons in the City of Lanterith. The last time she left it caused quite a scene and nearly ended with blood. But because of her constant presence among other factors the Commons is always open to any who wish to learn more of magical artifacts, their history and such as Dutreyli is willing to entertain and teach to listening ears.

Knight Dutreyli Catherleign

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