Threy Grimlatt Ashlattum

Local Hero, Owner of Lions Head Tavern


Titles: Hero, Owner of Lions Head Tavern, Cursed

Age: 47
Race: Cursed Damphir
Class: Ranger/Sorcerer
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Inn Keeper, Adventurer, Retired, Mercenary,

Affiliate: Unknown


The fantastic story of Threy and his company is best told over drinks, good food and among the company of Chend Uruchus. Who best the weave the finest tales. Threy is friend of Bello, and Husband of Feyenna. He has lived all his life within the Kingdom of Lanter, calling Lanterith his Home. He and Bello basically raised each other since their childhood and have been adventuring ever since. These days Threy and his companions have retired, running an inn in the city, making friends and turning a profit. But to all it is well knows he is cursed ever since his birth and to this day seeks a cure.

Threy Grimlatt Ashlattum

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