Lords of Undercroft

Name: Lords of Undercroft        

Influence: The lords influence many things, life, death, standing, and the motivations of others. Its not understood how.

Control: Its not sure what the lords really control as they often seem unattached to anything in the mortal planes, except the royal crown.

Public Reputation: Myth

Inner Reputation: Ghosts that rule literally under the various courts and palaces in a place deep underground known as the Foundation Court. They make deals with those of high standing and those who seeker higher standing that come to them.

Saying: “Higher you stand, further the fall, lower the jaw, closer the maw.”

Standing: Unknown

Leadership: Patriarchy
Primary Leader: The Crownless Majesty. Third Absent of Hell.

Secondary: The Foundation Court and its 9 members, The absent of hell.

#     Name             Title                                    Description.

1st  Jucterius        The Fanged and Clawed. Jucterius is a visage of pure pain incarnate. His hands are large extended claws of bone that protrude from his hands. His mouth is that of a pit filled with gnawing teeth. He enjoys tearing apart living creatures with his claws to determine the most painful methods of using his strange powers. He also enjoys hunting powerful beasts in the forest when there is no moon in the sky. He is the only of the group who must consume living things in order to sustain himself. 

2nd Irellicus          Cave Face.                          A armor clad creature who wears no helm to hide is inverted face. It has no eyes and his face is flat and featureless from any angle other than straight on. His abilities are not understood but he seems capable of any power wished of him as long as Tytherian agrees to it. He takes pleasure in following the orders of Tytherian, cleaning the foundation court and hopes to be bestowed permanent powers in its lifetime.

3rd Tytherian        The Crownless Majesty   A titan of power and the literal appearance of horror. Tytherian rules the 9 absent of hell. his head while horned has a circular indent where the Royal Crown perfect rests. It is said the crowned king can command Tytherian and the nine if he alone places the crown on Tytherians head in person.

4th Pry’severius    Rigid God                           A stone like structure of immense power and strength. It wields a massive hammer and is layered in plate and stones alike and stands idle unless needed to defend the court or its brothers. He cannot be hurt by any mortal or magical means. He never tires and hunts enemies who attempt to flee until he can crush them under his hammer.

5th Truch                The cloaked                       Truch is a mysterious one among the group. It wears a cloak that hides its entire body. He can always tell if someone is lying and always knows their true intent but often never shares that information. Truch also takes part in the daily maintenance of the Foundation Court with Irellicus.

6th Cathassion       Lips                                     She is the only lover of Tytherian and is often found at his side. They are the only two who appear to have a single gender among the 9 absent of hell. She cares for the rest of their group and provides healing to those in need. She is sometimes found outside of foundation court looking for mortals those who need emergency care but have none or have been left for dead. Her appearance is however that of terror and fear and often mortals die when they gaze into her eyes.

7th Ren’uehal         The White and Green       Like Cathassion, Ren'uehal heals and cares for the others of the group. Ren'uehal often revives those mortals who die after gazing at Cathassion. Often a little late as some mortals are found rising from the grave or appear from ashes as Ren'uehal can restore life to anyone or anything if it wishes. 

8th Beauth              The Untouched                  Beauth is a likened to a sculpture of perfection, lust and fertility. It is appears as both male and female but cannot be touched by anything living, dead or neither. It floats of the ground and often lures sailors to their doom as it often sings, or moans at dangerous reefs and storms. Beauth enjoys watching mortals die while trying to find ways to make physical contact with it. 

9th Inyen’ocin        Child.                                    This child usually keeps out of site of most dealings of the 9. It has no special powers like its kin, except that it can kill any being with a single touch, or any being that touches it. Inyen'ocin often hides in the undercrofts and avoids its kin that appear to be scary. Interestingly enough Inyen'ocin finds comfort in the presence of Pry’severius.


Head Quarters: The Foundation Court located inside the underground aquifer.

Safe House: Castle Undercroft
Locations: The Undercrofts, Foundation Courts
Members: The 9 absent of Hell. The Messengers.

The Messengers: These members are mortals selected at times to do tasks for the lords. One selected a mortal is a member for life wether or not they complete the task or are ever asked again. These members share a inseparable telepathy with the lords.

Followings: There are many that follow the Lords of Undercroft that mimic the legend, making deals in exchange for standing. There are others who take upon interpretations of individual lords and do deeds in their name. Lastly there is a small few who wish to crown Tytherian and wish him to be emperor of the kingdom. Most of these followings are incognito or ootherwise just rumors.

History: A legend of when the threads of time began to fray and the new thread was made, Hell was born to store the deviants from the fray who attempted to make the jump to the new thread. Over time on the mortal plane Hell rejected nine who were neither good or evil but far too powerful to contain. They were forbidden from Hell and now serve between Hells, Heavens, Life and Death as specters on the world. They work and feed of the failures and achievements of mortals. They foster higher and higher stakes in all that mortals wish to accomplish. They are said to be found under the City of Lanterith. They are said to be the plate that never emptied. Mortals seek them to increase their standing, and the Nine are happy to do so. “Higher you stand, further the fall, lower the jaw, closer to full.” This phrase is recited by the one who strikes a deal with the Foundation Court.


Means of Contact: One must access the Foundation Court which is situated under the North Palace district deep within the aquifer. By legend they can only be summoned by the Royal Crown. However they can on occasion be found around the world performing strange deeds and living their own lives as part of legends of other cultures. One more popular method is to reachout to the various cult followings in order to at least speak with someone knowledgeable about the legenda.

Lords of Undercroft

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