"There is a dark secret beneath every stone and a thirsty, porous knife, named for the back of he who turns them. The last page of another age is coming to end just like it did centuries ago and its said the quill is nigh to empty. Ink for another chapter rests in the hands of but a few. Intrepid souls play with stones of uncertainty to break the coming end, yet one thing can be said to be true, a King can save this empire but time is against us."

Lanterith City of Thrones


Once ruled by the long lived and well respected family of Talderia. The Imperial Crowned Lord, Bayard Griffith Talderia III ruled for over three decades until now.

On his death bed he gave his final wishes to the 1st tier of the High Council, "Never let the scum of Lalion rule this city. My second wish to return the crown to Foundation Court where it belongs and my last wish, find my only son." 

By law and honor the High Council must do their best to fulfill the passed lords wishes before they may select a new lord. They were ready to do so but no one in the entire kingdom knew the king had a living son, heir to the throne.

With the threat of invasion on the horizon, the Kings alliances are doomed to fail without an heir to retain the throne.

These politics hide an even more concerning matter waiting to be uncovered. Deep below the streets a darkness grows and hungers. Armies cannot defeat it, blade and magic alone cannot kill it, and time works only to strengthen its resolve.