Bellis Greydel

Adventuring Mage, Apprentice of Wericor


Age: 66
Race: Half Elf
Class: Druid / Cleric / Wizard
Home Town: The Hidden City

Profession: Entrepenuer / Mage

Affiliate: NA


Raised and an orphan and adept in magic at an early age.

She Joined a mages guild when old enough to take care of herself, however quickly grew out of them as her skill advanced much too quickly. She left on her won to travel the world and learn everything about magic her own way in hopes to find out what happened to her birth parents.

An accomplished mage and somewhat famous adventurer by reputation she is close to discovering what she seeks and it dwells in Lanterith. She is currently the Apprentice to Wericor.

Bellis Greydel

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