Rynler "the Magic Thief"

Magical hacker for hire!


Titles: Magic Thief

Age: 30
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Magic Thief

Affiliate: NA


Rynler “the Magic Thief” can steal things, whether magical, protected by magic, or in need of identification/troubleshooting, etc, or destroy, sabotage, disable, etc. She uses magic to help her stealth around, including a ring of invisibility.
She is for hire for money and to prove she is the best. Also, she had a side hobby to manipulate things to her advantage, like making a “backdoor failsafe” type thing for insurance and if she wants to use it later. She’s not an upfront player, but behind the scenes meddler. She puts herself first always and on occasions other’s needs are considered. But she generally keeps her word and always performs contacts exactly as written.
She absolutely despises any form of brothel, especially the weirder ones (like skin sending brothels).

Rynler "the Magic Thief"

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