Wericor Stonewell

Chairman of the High Council 1st Tier


Titles: 1st Tier Chairman

Age: 700
Race: Elf
Class: Magus/Oracle/Mystic Theruge.
Home Town: Lanterith

Profession: Politician, Merchant, Historian,

Affiliate: Unknown


Wericor is an interesting subject of study. Not much is known besides his recent history. The most popular story is during the Battle of Shathithian Sleigh 50 years ago. Lanter entered into a battle between contested lands with Lalion. The Battle took place over 16 days between 40,000 soldiers and a hundred square miles. Wericor loyal to Lanterith, lived in Shathithian. His home destroyed by enemy siege weapons he joined the militia and on the 16th day of the battle, alone he ended it. Fast forward a decade he lives in Lanterith as a consult and mentor to the Catherleign Knights. He was approached by Bayard before he took the crown and they had a long discussion behind closed doors in the the Catherleign commons. When Bayard become king shortly after he re organized the 1st tier council and made Wericor among others members of his new advisory. Bayard awarded Wericor a special blade for just for him commending his efforts at Shathithian Sleigh for deeds thought forgotten.

Wericor Stonewell

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