City Saints

Name: City Saints

Influence: The City Saints influence is all over the city and in all things as they are the end all to any discussion or tie breaker. Their spirits are summoned in times of turmoil and doubt, when their wisdom and power are most needed. 

Control: The Group and their small following have direct control over the district and the many religions that operate there.

Public Reputation: The city recognizes the saints are living ghosts their government consorts with, however they prefer not to think of them as ghosts, and instead imagine angels and the like who live in the City Saint Cathedral. Many worry since the City Saints are indeed real beings, then possibly the Lords of Undercroft are too. Its a popular story that the City Saints combat the evils that spawn from the myth of the Lords of Undercroft.

Inner Reputation: Those who follow the City Saints and their will are a very small group. Little is known. The followers are constantly trying to appease the 5 spirits that reside in the crypts. This is a difficult task because each spirit hardly ever agrees with another outside of an intriguing case. The followers also find it hard to balance their allegiance with the 5 spirits and one living city saint, Lionela, who despite her status ignores the followers and their attempts to appease her. Even still the following is on the verge of splitting into two different groups unless they can get Lionela to take upon the ritual of Eturnum ad'de Daphrim. Even more difficult for the small following is they are not taken seriously by any of the City Saints despite their loyalties. The City Saints view them like excitable, eager children seeking approval on efforts of little or no consequence. 

For the spirit saints, they do not worry of Lionelas status as a "Living City Saint." They simply believe when her times comes, she will die or perform the ritual and join them. On rare occasion however the spirits Erilla'terilon and Halinris do commune with Lionela and find her to be quite cordial. 

Saying: "Forever on behalf of the dead and the living, we are neither but eternal."

Standing: 50

Leadership: The 6 City Saints
Primary Leader: None.

Head Quarters: City Saint Cathedral

Safe House: City Saint Cathedral, Royal Crypts, City Saint Undercroft
Locations: City Saint District
Members: The 6 City Saints

1. Vimiaun

2. Daelric

3. Mordrain

4. Erilla'terilon

5. Halinris

6. Lionela Glarim

History:  The City Saints are an interesting group. Their history predates the founding of Lanterith, and predates the conqueror Marimus Maigleign. When Marimus attacked the old kingdom of Eyarling his army shored on the Peninsula of Lanter. That night when making camp his men reported ghosts on the shores causing problems with the boats. When Marimus arrived with his most trusted companions he first discovered the spirit Vimiaun. The Spirit was in quite a rage and was destroying their ships. Somehow Marimus learned Vimiain thought they were armies of Eyarling, when the confusion was sorted out, Vimiaun agreed to help Marimus destroy Eyarling if the king agreed to contract. No one knows the contract, except himself and his companions, and the spirit Vimiaun but Marimus did agree and the next week when the army marched against the capital city Eyarlith, Vimian, Daelric and Mordrain were already in the capital raising havoc on their supplies. Eyarlith counter attacked Marimus before they even arrived, catching the army off guard and in the battle Marimus's closest companions died. Vimiaun and the two other spirits were imprisoned by the very powerful court mage of Eyarlith, Terilon Anris, who bound the spirits to a brittle, dried rose. Marimus retreated and Eyarliths armies did the same since their supplies would not last. Back at the peninsula Marimus armies again complained of ghosts, but this time the ghosts were at a spring, not far form a river. Upon investigating Marimus found a child spirit who explained his family wanted to help. Marimus agreed and struck yet another deal with a spirit, this time it was no secret. Marimus promised the spirit and its family that he would not fail in conquering all of Eyarlith, and per the spirits request he would destroy all their religions and all of their noble houses. Marimus marched again the next week with fresh reinforcements and found Eyarlith, the capital gates open. Taking advantage of the moment and a brief period of siege bombardment he and his calvary rode through the streets, slaughtering all in their path into the palace they rode and there Marimus found Vimiaun joined by 4 other spirits. Vimiaun explained that he, Daelric and Mordrain were some how released from a binding spell and together ripped Terilon in two, and by coincidence formed spirits Erillaterilon and Halinaris. The two new spirits explained that Terilon was a mage who tricked them and stole their souls away form them in life, over several centuries ago and have been fueling his power ever since. When Terilons body was destroyed they were released. Vimiaun successfully enlisted Erillaterilon and Halinaris to join then in their cause and they ruined the defenses of Eyarlith, making way for Mariums. After the execution of the noble houses and the destruction of all their enemies religions, Marimus ordered a new palace and city to be built large enough to rival the mountains of Higarra. The first building to be built was the Cathedral of the City Saints where Marimus was introduced to the Abjugate Stone and made the spirits who helped him win the war permanent fixtures of the new Empire of Lanterith. The spirits would help form new noble houses and consult on all matters of state the living could not come to an agreement upon. Marimus disappeared shorty after being crowned king by non other than the child spirit who wanted to help from before. It wasn't until Marimus's daughter, Mariella Maigleign uncovered the power of the Abjugate Stone and learned of its power over the City Saints. Mariella made the title of City Saint an honorary position that can be obtained by those who place the cities needs above all others, and which to preserve it forever in death, as they did in life. Those deemed worthy by the council, which is now knows as the High Council, may earn the title and perform a ritual, Eturnum ad'de Daphrim, taught to them by Vimiaun where their mortal bodies are drained over the Abjugate Stone and their souls released into the form of a spirit bound to the city, with their flesh burned to ashes, their bones laid to rest in the City Saint Crypt, then their ashes sprinkled in the sands that surround the Abjugate Stone. 

Means of Contact: Anyone may enter the cathedral and speak aloud in the hopes the spirits will return the communication. For those who must speak with them, such as politicians seeking advice, oracles seeking revelation, and those of high standing in need to settle a dispute should speak with the Royal Undertakers as they are in direct communication with the spirits in the crypts since they maintain the remains of the City Saints. 

City Saints

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