This plane desperately avoided at all costs any by all manner of life. Like Obliscaris this plane also exists on the material world, or at least part of it does. Within the boarders of the Greylight kingdom this mostly abandoned village sits as the living nightmare of the ages. 

Description: An overgrown, abandoned town that once was home to few thousand people. Its now covered in dense fog and filled with the survivors the great cataclysm that ended the lives of many. The plane forces all who enter to eventually become forever lost within. The place is filled with strange bone art and luminescent plant life and a large portion of the plane is knee high in murky gray water. There is something or someone moving in the mist and a voice beckoning you to come in.

Type: Quasi-Plane 

Gravity: Normal

Shape and Size: Its physical size over Emmeron is about one hundred miles across from West to East and 50 miles from North to South. It does not extend in to the ocean.

Magic Trait: All Suppressed. – All magic, magical items and spells are suppressed and cannot be used unless you can resist with an Intelligence Saving Throw. 
Regeneration: A strange effect is that everyone has regeneration 1 while within the plane and undead disintegrate at a rate of 1 hit dice per minute until destroyed. This can be resisted with a Wisdom Saving Throw. 

Faith Trait: None

Access: The plane must be physically accessed from the surface of Emmeron.
Unnatural Presence: Animals, and Druids can sense the unnatural area and are warned not to approach it at all costs. This presence exists 10 miles outside of the planes outer limits. 

Residents: A reclusive group of pale tribal women dwell within the plane. These are the survivors of the cataclysm, they have never died and will never leave. They are the Tongueresi.

The Skull Roads: Roads in and out of the town and immediate are are littered with thousands and thousands of skulls from all forms of life. They are lined with lanterns filled with luminescent plant life. The deeper you go the more intercut the bone patterns become and the more colorful and luring the plants evolve. Each road however actually belongs and leads to the lairs of the Tongueresi. This is their road which they have built over their life time. 

Mists of Consimscaris: When in the immediate area of Consimscaris the mists of the plane will stretch their way out and ensnare travelers. The mists will try and confuse travelers into wondering to one of the many Skull Roads or swamps that lead deep into Consimscaris. There can often be seen shapes of women moving with the mists and glowing eyes in the distance. The mists employ many illusions to sway travelers to their demise. 

Empty Town: There is a massive abandoned town throughout the plane. This town is strangely decorated in countless unmarked graves and overgrown by the alien plant life here. There is a enormous tree at its center covered in a strange skin that shivers and pulses as if sucking something deep from the ground. The tree stands over 200 feet tall surrounded in mist and cloud alike and drapes over the area with its long and wicked branches. There is a very powerful sense of danger this deep in the plane. The Queen of the Tonguersi dwells here within the trees canopy spying on visitors. 


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