History of the Setting

Long after creation there was a place disrupt from the confines of the rest of the planes, it existed in a material world on the boarders of all worlds. It was the crossroads between everywhere and nowhere. This conduit of all things was bristling with energy and growing, devouring itself, expanding, yet seemingly remaining the same.

Many disagree on the formation of the continent known as Evantide, a beautiful and rich expanse of nature, the material blanket concealing a world of limitless powers and infinite nothings. As life grew over Evantide people and their empires would rise and fall as they always did, but Evantide was different, there was a history here all its own, yet it belonged to everywhere and everyone, everything ever imagined existed, and yet there was still more to be discovered. It wasn't until the recent discovery of the Century Arch was a history compiled explaining Evantides strange amalgamation. Evantide was not only a material world, but it was also the bridge to all words and all realities. It sat on a knifes edge waiting to change the course of all things.

The Century Arch explains Evantide as a place, a plane of existence that existed on the boarders of all worlds and all histories. They could sail over the seas on great ships known as Tide Breakers to other continents on other material worlds and trade their wares and bring back riches, people, culture and mystery never yet imagined. Evantide was world of limitless possibility and at its center was the long reigning empire of Eyarling. 

It wasn't long until Eyarlings rulers discovered their powerful position in the cosmos and they sought to use their positions to take power over their neighboring material planes. They built a great fleet, so great that many of their people died, they marshaled and army so large that they consumed all the food and even more withered away. When they finally boarded their fleet to invade every known harbor a captain broke the pattern and decided to fight to save the lives of Evantide from their own greedy empire. Marimus Maiglaign with only one army at his command mounted a campaign and forted the great invasion, he ended the suffering of the slaves, and fought for a world free from conquering rulers, yet failed to not become one himself. At the end of it all he disappeared and was never seen again. His legacy lives on in the city built by his daughter, the city built on ruins, the City of Lanterith.  

Lanterith only a few hundred years old now fights to maintain peace in a power struggle between the few remaining nations. Greylight, Mourndale, Lalion and the Kingdom of Lanter. According to the Century Arch this is the last 21 years of the age, and with it the end of Evantide. The Century Arch gives a brief vision of their future and it ends in darkness unless they can find a way out. Somewhere in the machine and intrigue of these empires is a well with enough ink to pen a new future. 

History of the Setting

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