Lions Head Tavern

The Lions Head Tavern has been the second home to most every veteran of the army. This is if you were a knight of the Red Thorn Estates or other noble houses. Its prices were exuberant to any common soul, save but to the well respected soldier or noble, to them is was next to free. 

The Lions Head Tavern is a popular meet and greet for many folk who can afford the price tag. There is no questions asked policy they intended to keep. "Your work, your job and your problems stay at the door while your inside the Lions Head Tavern, or else." A Sir Bello Morte keeps the peace and has been doing so with great success. 

The taverns Reputation is so great its said only the King has any right to intervene or bring law to its daily affairs.

Details: The Building is located in the wall between the Red Thorn Estates, The High Council District, The Grey Quarter, and the West Palace District. Its 4 stories and is complimented in the highest craftsmanship and greatest adornment. The door is usually open, and under the guard of Sir Bello Morte and his men. The food and drink offered is only the highest quality and even still costs about 12% more than normal. The beds and baths rival the kings of the lands and their entertainment is tenfold to the dreams of a jinni. All as mentioned before at a higher price tag. however this high price does not apply to everyone, those with high standing and respect, especially soldiers, veterans, knights, political figures and even the dangerous kind can have everything the taverns has to offer at 200 gold per day or 1500 gold yearly subscription. 

People: The Owners is none other than Thray Grimlatt (Grim-lay) Ashlattum (Ashla-yum) a local legend. He runs the Tavern with his elven wife Keyli Feyenna. Their body guard and peace keeper is another legend, Bello Morte. They have the assistance of a handful of hired hands, however they also employ a service to a select few who are in trouble, as they shelter them, so long as they work for the tavern until their troubles go away or they choose to leave. Currently Bayard Griffiths cousin by law Deltroi Greylight is working here staying out of trouble. 

History: The Building was an ruined watch tower, built when the Grey Wall was erected to separate the rest of the Grey Quarter from the "higher" classes of the city on the west and north end. As the wall began to fall in to disrepair is was at the request of Thray he be allowed to purchase this section to build a great and lavish tavern. It was approved by the Quarterleige Elizze De La Quin and construction began immediately. When word spread that Thray was setting up shop in the city the news created quite a stir. Thats when Bello Morte showed up to collect a debt from Thray. The two battled on and off, in an event called the Dancing Storm of Blades today, for 16 hours. The battle finally came to end when Thrays wife Feyenna appeared in a flash of magic and threw the two off a waterfall in the East Palace District. When the two washed up outside of Hemshill Feyenna and a few of their friends dragged them back to the unfinished tavern. When the two woke, Bello opened with a joke "If you couldn't kill me, what makes you think you can watch over this place?" It was after that, Thray laughed and hired Bello to protect the tavern. No one really knows what their problem was before but everyone knows Thray, Feyenna and Bello are the three best friends anyone could ever have and the tavern is the greatest place anyone could ever be. 

Lions Head Tavern

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