Name: Quellers, Shade Hunters

Influence: Extra planer Creatures

Control: Na

Public Reputation: Many leave the Quellers alone, they often think of them as a necessary evil, even if the evil they are fighting is often never seen. Most don't know what they actually do, other than hunt monsters that dwell in the city. They are mostly avoided and given space to do their work. 

Inner Reputation: Quellers work alone for the most part, but answer to their superiors. That being said each sect of Quellers answer to one matron who provides them direction and funding granted to her by a higher power. Quellers work to expel creatures and beings that do not belong on the material plane taking upon them powers of those they defeat. Sadly near the end of a Quellers career they are often put to the sword before they become monsters themselves. 

Quellers get their start usually from contracts with mercenaries, the city or in some special cases they come to the Lady in Grey because its their only option. Some come as criminals sentenced to death, and even those on their deathbeds can have another life if they offer the rest of it to the Lady in Grey.

Saying: "Discedite ad'de viventium"

Standing: 20

Leadership: Monarchy. 
Primary Leader: The Lady in Grey.

Secondary: Unkown


Head Quarters: Grey Quarter Wall

Safe House: Grey Quarter Wall
Locations: Multiple.

Members: Members of this group are fairly easy to identify as they often have black or ash colored hair, pale or graying skin and silver or "dead colored" eyes. They all have the tattoo of a Queller which prevents them from being possessed or bound to other planes of existence. Members are also inducted in strange ways.

History: Their history began as individual monster hunters, criminals, or those should have died long ago. Eventually a group of faithful identified their usefulness in a larger scale and developed their currently governing structure where each region of Quellers is ruled by a anonymous matron  called the Lady in Grey who provides them with targets and funds their efforts.

Means of Contact: Anyone can speak with a Queller, but only a Queller can speak to the Lady in Grey. 


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