Shadow of Murdain

The Shadow of Murdain is not what you would call a popular or well accepted myth, however its well understood why. 

Discarded as an unfounded horror story, the Shadow of Murdain is an account of a dying man fading in and out of the Phane. On an unknown battle field this man lay dying in a war he knew not the purpose, for kings he knew not the name. Surrounded by fallen soldiers the mans account of thoughts and actions before he passed was recorded, and perhaps influenced by a ghost. 

The ghost supposedly recorded the dying mans account in a breast plate on the battle field with its own essence. 

As the story goes, "While I lay here dying on a field once beautiful and green I am covered in sorrow and blood which gleam. My arms sore for fighting a war I knew not why, my heart heavy for loving a king, for his name I could only sigh. Cracks in a space where my spirit should be and blood flowing through the teeth where your lips left me. You were watching me and extended your time with me. Your glowing visage inspired my last great feat before I left this world in exchange for Phane below. You told me of a place where my answers did rest and there I did go.  A wall exactly nine hundred feat tall I did climb for a series of nine days until my arms left me, to corridors almost a tenth as long I walked until my feet did flee, into a room, holding a sphere one three thousand or three times larger than me. Here I witnessed my spirit dissolve and my body go lame as I joined the great Shadow Murdain." 

Obviously yet strangely enough, the account has been unchanged over countless years. More interestingly its origin, to this day has not yet been discerned.

Shadow of Murdain

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