The Kings Trials

The Kings Trials is the official title to become the king of Lanterith. 

This process was put forth by Marimus Maigleign daughter after his disappearance. It was agreed upon by the old council and the City Saints that a ruler not selected by his blood as heir or by directly by the current reigning king that their must be a trial in place that the future generations of rulers be made of great fortitude, will and determination such as to replicate the trials Marimus endured to conquer all of Eyarling. 

1. The High Council, all three tiers, must agree on only three nominees for kingship every year.

2. The three nominees will reside in the Gate Council for one week prior to the trials and are not permitted to leave under any circumstance other than death, debilitating illness or if all three nominees agree to forfeit. Visitors are allowed during acceptable times under the eye of gate council guards. 

3. A nominee may with the approval of the other two nominees swap his position with another prior to the end of th week.

4. At the end of the week the Trials begin. The three select enter the arena that surrounds the Abjugate Stone and cannot leave until the trials end. The spectacle is a public event.

The First TrialBattle of the Tower: These begins with the three select nominees working together to fight 300 Eyarling raiders in a lonely tower just as Marimus once did, he defended the princess of Greylight from an surprise attack of Eyarling, with only 2 of the princess body guards, 1 days worth of supplies, 50 arrows, 150 bolds, 3 crossbows, 1 longbow,  200ft of rope, and the tower itself to defend. The group is victorious if they kill all 300 enemies or escape with the princess. They lose if the princess is gravely wounded, killed, or taken away.

The Second TrialCruelty ad'de Determinare : The second trial the nominees each separately deal with the same issue without sight of one another, only able to rely on themselves for judgment. They relive the story when Marimus charged into the Eyarling palace on calvary and slaughtered the ruler, bloodied and burned their nobles and utterly destroyed their foreign idols, priests and religious text. This is a three part trial, First they are face to face with the foreign king. Clearly over powering the enemy they must decide how to proceed, Mercy, Cruelty or a Sue for Peace. The second part they confront the foreign, captive nobles. They are lined up at the noble square ready for execution, but many nobles and soldiers are locked up in their estates viewing the impending slaughter. They must decide how to execute and deal with the resisting nobles, they may use negotiations, of which no matter the promise end in all the noble houses execution. They may lure the hold-outs outside by torturing the captives, or they set the estates a flame and finish the captives in front of the burning glow. The last part of this trial is the ruin of the foreign religion, its idols and priests.  

The Third TrialThe Abjugate Stone: Remaining nominees must commune with the Abjugate Stone. Each member will do separately, one at a time unable to view their fellow nominees during their attempt. In the communion they must first make contact with the stone and recite the City Saint ritual chant "Eturnum ad'de Daphrim." When the stone responds they must make a wish and deal with the perverted coincidences that occur in their mind. After each nominee makes a wish and has dealt with the stones perverted outcome the stone will inform the City Saints of its preferred nominee. The other two nominees can attempt to overturn the decision by either negotiation with the stone. In the case there was only one nominee remaining and Abjugate Stone does not prefer them as king the trial ends, the nominee is disqualified for life after, one last attempt to overturn the stones decision, and nominees will have to selected the next year and begin again. When a victor is declared the Gate Council Sentinels will retrieve the Royal Crown and place it upon the new kings head in the North Palace just before the throne of Lanterith at the crowning ceremony. 

The Crowning Ceremony can only be performed by the City Saints and the Gate Council Sentinels after the Royal Crown is retrieved from the Foundation Court. At the ceremony the City Saint ritual "Eternum Ad'de Daphrim" is recited in a chant until the new king is crowned. Only nobility, close friends and family of the soon to be king, can be in attendance.  

The Kings Trials

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