The Lady of Harpshelter

Name: Harpshelter    

Influence: In the heiharchy of Harpshelter, notable members have access to every aspect of the cities various welfare programs. They maintain all the tenements, soup kitchens, and a large portion of the free workshops. The Harpshelter also have great influence over the public opinion of many.

Control: Nearly everyone who would be considered homeless is eternally grateful to the Harpshelter and thus have an undying loyalty.

Public Reputation: Plainly speaking the Harpshelter is accepted as the most reputable organization. Most can agree keeping the needy and misfortuned busy and well fed is important. The elite class find the organization and absolute nessecity because they keep their districts nearly spot free from what they would call "needy beggars". Very few individuals are at odds with the Harpshelter.  Those who seek to bend the will of the shelter find themselves before The Lady and shortly after, singing a different tune so to speak.

Inner Reputation: Most of the organization is made up of those in need themselves. The promise of work, good deeds, blessing and an eternal home in the presence of the lady keep moral very high. Those receiving those good works from the shelter make it a frequent occurrence and sooner or later begin administering good work in the name of the shelter themselves. There are a few who would call The Lady their acquaintance or confidant would say they cant wait for the day The Lady becomes a city saint.

Saying: "You get what you give"

Standing: 30

Leadership: The Lady of Harpshelter: Adeline Mathuriel 
Primary Leader: Adeline Mathuriel 

Secondary: While not official, it was said Adeline bestowed her trust in the City Saints. Including that of the living city saint Lionela. If anything were to happen to Adeline they say the Saints will know. Yet non have released an official statement. 


Head Quarters: None

Safe House: Tenements of all kinds
Locations: Technically every district in one way or another has the Harpshelter working in their district. 

Members:  Homeless population 60,000+

History: Since the founding of Lanterith after the conqueror Marimus Maiglaign commission the palaces the Harpshelter started building momentum. It was never known as Harpshelter until somewhat recently. There 

Means of Contact: The Lady oddly enough seems to have time for everyone at any shelter she can be found. If you can see her, you can speak with her directly. Otherwise anyone administering in her name seems to be a reliable source. 

The Lady of Harpshelter

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