The Phane

The Gate of the Phane is a passage into another world, a ruin which rests in a demension that exists only parallell to cities, specifically cursed cities. 

Cursed spirits who cannot move on, exist in the Phane and occasionally appear in the material world through various manifestations. The Phane is also a means of expedient travel.  A single step in the Phane is the equivalant of nearly a hundred steps on the material world. While space and time do not move in the same way in the Phane it is easy to get lost when one spends to much time in the Phane. 

Scholars who have documented the Phane each tell a slightly different story. To each individual the Phane is somewhat different in appearance and feel, many say its a reflection of the fears of ones self that manifest in the Phane to alter their perceptions however they all agree that the longer they stay the more they often sense a feeling of suffocating and drowning, a suddent urge to to surface as if before panic dragged them into the eternal darkness.

Description: The Phane is a dark plane of existance that exists on parallel with many cities and areas of great power and importance. It is a world of shadow, death, unlife and haunting, a seemingly uninhabited world absent of all life. The world is like a replica of the material world, except the architecture and landscape is a darker version of its self. There is only the constant dry wind, scents of ashes and rotting flesh moving through the sounds of a crumbling ruin. 

Type: Transitive Plane – This plane serves as a connection between many of the worlds beyond. 

Gravity: Normal – Gravity functions normaly on this plane. 

Shape and Size: Mimics Cities – While the actual scale of the plane is unknown, the immediate area when entered always mimics the city or nearest city in the area. 

Magic Trait: Impeded (all) – Magic that is not dark magic, necromancy, or shadow magic in description or school cannot be used in this plane. 

Faith Trait: Impeded (all) – Abilities granted by faith or magic granted by faith or divine powers that do not belong to dark magic, necromancy, or shadow magic in description or school  cannot be used in this plane. 

Access: There are spells which allow access to the Phane and there are also gates which can be entered to access the Phane.  There is one caviot for the living to access the plane, when they enter a gate or access by spell their presence in the Phane lasts only as long as the gate is open or the portal from the spell remains active, even if they leave the Phane to a different point in the material world than where they entered. This means if your gate closes or spell, you are pulled back to the point where you entered, even if you had already exited to a different point on the material plane, when the spell or gate ends you will be pulled back into the Phane and deposited back to your portal used to orginally enter the Phane. It is quite dangerous, as the further and further distance traveled can cause what is called Phanelashing, a type of whiplash caused from a magical backfire that can age a person a few days to a few hundred years in an instant, in some cases it can rob the magic powers of a person, items, or turn them into a spirit or even dust. 

Residents: The Phane appears to be quite empty, esspecailly to the living. However the plane is full of countless spirits and incoporeal creatures. The laws of the plane prevent the two from interacting with one another, save but the Guardians and the Shade Weavers. However if a spirit is able to leave the phane they may stay in the material plane as long as they wish, or until they are destroyed. A living creature who dies in the Phane becomes a resident. A resident who dies or is destroyed in the Phane is destroyed forever and becomes part of the shadow of Murdain. 

The Guardians: These large black plate armored creatures called Guardians stand at each of the 3 Phane Gates and watch over them and take note of those who come and go. Anyone who enteres or leaves the Phane must pass through a Phane Gate. Their are 7 Guardians in all, two at each gate and 1 at the city center in what is knows as the Glass Palace. The Guardians do not tolerate the attempted use of magic in their plane, demigods, extraplanar creatures, prayers, and or chanting and will kill on sight if their strict rules are encroached upon. The Guardian in the Glass Palace does not uphold such laws and acts more to protect the buildings and residents of the plane instead. The Glass Place Guardian is often sought for advice for its knowledge of all things is beyond measure, but such words come at a great price. 

Shade Weavers: None know how but at some point when the Fray destroyed the old worlds the Shade Weavers began to appear in the Phane. It is said these Shade Weavers were once the students of the old world creators and when the their masters were destroyed they fled to the Phane in refuge. Either it be time or fate these students have become evil incarnate, plotting in secret somewhere deep within the Phane the end of all things. They often visit the material world and form cabals of zelots and covens of powerful shade mages and worshipers to prepare the material world for their visitation. 

The Shade King: In the Glass Palace there is a throne said to belong to the Shade King. A culmination of dark powers formed by the ruin of countless worlds. It rules the Phane and on rare occassion holds court to the residents of the Phane and sometimes concerned mortals who venture here with grave news or those who are willing to swear fealty to the Shade Kings cause of preserving the steady decline and decay of all things. 

The Phane

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