City of Lanterith

Titles: City of Thrones, City of Courts, The City built on Genocide, The Conquerors City. 
Size: Metropolis
Population: 655,000
64% Human, 10% Halfling, 9% Half-elf, 7% Gnome, 5% Dwarf, 2% Elf, 1% Half-orc, 2% Other.
Government: Monarchy / High Council.
Alignment: Neutral
Ruler: Bayard Griffith Talderia III (Recently Deceased), The 24 members of the High Council.

The City is divided into 18 districts. Each district has a council representative that maintains and provides to the needs of the district.

District                                                        Mayor                        
1. Army District                                           Lionela Glarim

2. Saint District                                            Tomin Gafford         

3. East Palace District                                 Dutreyli Catherleign

4. Gate Council District                              Shealessa Marque

5. Grey Quarter                                           Kurwyng Candesco

6. Hemshill Quarter District                      Madam Siegfried Roy

7. High Commons

8. Council District

9. Low Commons

10. Mage District

11. Merchants Quarter

12. Noble District

13. North Palace District

14. Port District

15. South Greens District

16. West Palace District

17. Downs Quarter

18. Red Thorn Estates

City of Lanterith

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