Council Ad'de Census

<meta />The Council Ad'de Census is within the High Council District and is directly east of the the High Council Building. 

Name: Council Ad’de Census

Influence: District funding, Public representation, Welfare

Control: Na

Public Reputation: Generally well regarded, however some of the elite and partisan district mayors, the common people believe them corrupt with wealth and power from their respective districts influence over them.
Inner Reputation: Each mayor debates in the Ad’de Census every week for resources from a limited pool approved by the High Council 3rd Tier. None of them consider each other friends but generally can agree they are doing the right things to improve the quality of life in their districts. Even if that means taking more from the pool than needed to keep in good graces with their districts elite. The District Mayors on occasion have to battle with the outlaying towns and village mayors who come to vie for additional funding. Even though each village is provided a steady income, on occasion they need more and can come to the Council Ad'de Census court whenever they need to appeal for further financing. 

Saying: “Ad'de Census”

Standing: 50

Leadership: Table Elect Marick Cross
Primary: The Current Table Elect Marick Cross

Secondary: Baroness Elizze De La Quin.

Head Quarters: Council Ad’de Census

Safe House: Ad’de Census Undercroft.
Locations: Council District and District Mayor Estates.
Members: The 18 District mayors, 100+ Town Mayors and Baroness Elizze De La Quin

History: Originally knows as the Mayorship Court, the Council Ad’de Census was rebranded and formed 40 years ago when the city population expanded to form the 15th , 16th, 17th and 18th districts after the Civil Riots of Newbaum. Ex-City Saint Ericeir Newbaum was publicly executed after being proven guilty in court of molestation and murder of over 200 estate servants and countless tourists. "Ad’de Census" means “On behalf of the people” which is only half of the saying, “Ad’de Census viva sempre Actulla” translates to “On behalf of the people, life supersedes the powers of the powerful.” A promise made with the common people that those with powers such as Newbaum would be brought to justice sooner than later by their mayors.

Means of Contact: Once a week after council adjourns. The district mayor with the largest share of the delegated pool from High Council holds court to the citizen public until sunset.


Council Ad'de Census

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