Gate Council District

Description: The Gate Council is adjacent to the High Council District and are walled in the same area yet separated marginally by the High Commons and patrolled by the Gate Council. While they physically share the same space they are separate by law and function. The Gate Council is a circular castle like structure, built to appease the esthetic and to serve as a defensible position. The district is the center for the Gate Council dealings and all matters on execution, political duels, and matters of state security. 

Leadership: The Council while lead by the honorable Sir Klair, they weigh the wishes of Jonlit of Easthiem. the district mayor is the widow Shealessa Marique, she provides and maintains living standards and the districts place among the other districts and their people..

Residence: 2000+
Homeless: NA

Day in the life: A typical day in the district is quiet. The sound of banners caught in the wind, wildlife and idle ceremonial guards is all one typically observes in the courtyards.  Within the walls of the Gate Council it is much likened to a library. Behind the council building are the aviaries where much of the cities communication methods are maintained. The 2000 residence are employed by the gate council must adhere to strict living standards within and without the walls. There are two meeting rooms, one inside the center of the council and one outside in sight of what is known as the Abjugate Stone. 

Ties: The Gate Council shares ties with the City Saint district as they are required to protect all the buildings there as government property and have been doing so since the district designation, since the founding of the Gate Council. There is a strong working relationship between the Architects Guild as well due to share responsibility of building codes and access to government structures they share. The District has close bond with the Army District simply as many army members at one point or another have joined into the gate council. They has also shared many duties patrolling the walls and serving in various armed conflicts throughout the state. Another tie is that with the Royal Crown as they are sworn to defend its owners and the physical object at all costs. Strangly they owe similar bonds to the City Saints themselves, their spirit and thus General Glarim.

Strains: The District finds it difficult to maintain their duties in places such as the noble district, west palace, mage district, and city saint district due to criminal activity in the Grey Quarter, Low Commons, and Port District. However their greatest strain is maintaining their bond with the Architects Guild while remaining the pinnacle of order. Due to the Architects Guilds responsibility to maintain building codes, have access to every building in the city, not to mention their criminal contacts, the Gate Council often has to overlook activities and keep out of Architect Guild matters in order to keep their relationship alive. 

Responsibilities: The District is required to protect all government buildings. The District serves as the center for defense decisions of the city and matters related to executions, political duels, and anything to do with state security and the Abjugate Stone. The district also maintains a large aviary and communications throughout the city.

Imports and Expense: Magical and mundane arms and armor, Stationary, Birds, Food, Furniture, Candles,

Exports and Goods: Trained Animals, Government Licenses, Government Services,

Public Reputation: Most see the workers of the district as quite, merciless machines. They believe most of its members unyielding in their duties, less than personable and quite archaic. Many concern has been raised due to gate council members not involving themselves to stop a crime or help someone in need because they are not permitted to talk to common folk or move from their patrol post unless approved by their code. Their methods are an even worse matter. Anyone who has been at the sharp end of their work knows they do not take kindly to those who mettle in their business. Trespassers of government property if resistant are usually buried instead of apprehension.  They have a zero tolerance policy and it is enforced regularly. Its not hard to imagine the common folk find this unfair as in some cases the Gate Council is nearly immune to any local law.

Inner Reputation: Those within the district understand they are like the stones that defend the city. They have one purpose and they are to execute without question and be unwavering . Their leaders are wise yet bound by law and honor.  They understand the sacrifice that must be made to protect the cities government and physical presence in the world. They take security to an entirely elite level and place The Royal Crown at the center of all they are sworn to protect.

Affiliation Statistics

Name: Gate Council Elect

Influence: City Communications, Government Building Access, City Saint District, The Death Penalty, Abjugate Stone, The Crowned King, Kingly Belongings, Swearing in new Council Members.

Control: City Defenses, Magical Defense, Gates, Keys, Crypts, City Saint District

Public Reputation: Guardians of the city.
Inner Reputation: The Gate Council Elect members are of the most experienced warriors of the city and have vowed to protect its walls, gates, courts, castles, sieges, temples, cemeteries and various objects of the government until their dying breath. The court has a copy of every key to every building in the city through their working relation with the Architect Guild. Members vow away their old lives in place of a new family among the brothers of the Gate Council. Even down to their last they will uphold the call to protect the cities walls and monuments. As a secondary function they have the aviary and train eagles for hunting and doves and pigeons for messaging.

Saying: “Like the stones we stand upon, we are bound to this place.”

Standing: 65

Leadership: Chair of the Line
Primary: Chair of the Line, Senior Commander Sir Klair.

Secondary: Vice Commander Elect, Madame Madeline.
 Tertiary: Secretary Vice Commander, Elane of Easthiem.

Headquarters: Gate Council Court

Safe House: The North East Gate
Locations: Walls, Towers, Gov’t building entrances, Cemeteries, Gates, City Saint District, Kings Quarters, King Throne, King Court, Royal Crypts, and Gov't building undercrofts. 
Members: 1000+ Senior members, 1000+ squires, 200+ Servants.

History: After the founding of the Lanterith the court was formed to protect the Abjugate stone which the Gate Council is built around and house the aviary. The council building is a circular wall which encloses the stone. Later the court duties spread to protect government structures, crypts, cemetery, walls, gates and roads, and eventually to patrol and maintain codes within the City Saint District to prevent the over growth of various faiths beyond the City Saint District. As their responsibility grew they became the only court permitted to exercise the death penalty, handle the crowned kings belongings and the Royal Crown itself during a kings absence. In recent history Jonlit of Easthiem was commanded to join the 1st Tier High Council by Bayard Griffith Taderia III, thus stepping down from Chair of the Line allowing Sir Klair to be elected, Madame Madeline to advance from Secretary to acting Vice Commander and Elane of Easthiem to be elected as Secretary Vice Commander. 

Means of Contact: A person attempting to speak directly with a member, or get an audience must do so via letter and await approval by the office of the Secretary of the Vice Commander Elect.

Gate Council District

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