High Council

Name: Tiers of the High Council Elect

Influence: Each council tier influences different aspects of the government. However as a whole the council influences the entire kingdom at the highest levels.

Control: The council has control over anything the king assigns them. If there is no king the council takes over until one is elected. However even when there is a king the councils controls the laws of the city, district funding, and all kingly responsibilities when the king is absent.

Public Reputation: The peoples perceptions of the council ranges from tyrants to highly respect heroes. The public does realize the council is the only ones with the power to fill the throne or find the heir and missing queen. They also know besides the Gate Council they are the only ones who can command the army or defend them properly in times of turmoil.

Inner Reputation: Besides the roaring cries for a new king, the council has become more concerned about keeping their positions than filling the throne. The district mayors are struggling to make High Council and straining the resources available to the city to appease the districts. Without the king to claim more lands the city will crumble under a siege. The council can see the power slipping away to criminal organizations such as The Port Lords and the Architects Guild. At least for now they control the Council Ad’de Census which maintains the general publics wellbeing. They know who provides the basics to the people hold the most power in the coming times. They struggle to find that influence for themselves and their own agendas rather than find the right person to fill the throne. 

Saying: “Conqured that we may live, maintained that others may honor him.”
Their saying was adopted when the first king, Mariumus Maigliegn conquered the previous empire to save his people. 

Standing: 90. The Council standing regenerates every month and can only be spent evenly among its members.

Leadership: The council is divided into three parts.

Tier 1 has the responsibility of the kings advisors. They are the highest in authority next to the king. Their meetings are currently held by Jonlit of Easthiem. Only the first tier can pass a law or amend a law submitted by the 2nd council. The first tier is not permitted to suggest or submit new laws.

Tier 2 suggests, reviews and enforces laws in the kingdom. It is also their job to maintain the royal reserve and decide how much funding is available every month for the 3rd tier.

Tier 3 maintains the funding and governing of each individual district of the city by administering to the Council Ad'de Census. Its their job to oversee the productivity of each district and also to draft new policies to improve district productivity.

High Council Chairmen

Tier 1 Members

1 Jonlit of Easthiem. Braided white-blond hair and hazel eyes, and a long beard. 51 years old. He wears fine raiment and numerous rings. Sometimes seen in his armor on special occasions. Has an animal companion, a red hunting eagle named Amin. He is one of the Council Wards. He like Wericor was hand selected to be on the council. Jonlit remained a council ward. Jonlit also sees over the council meetings. Ranger/Aristocrat. 

2 Keval Armand. Grey hair and large hazel eyes, 30 years old, pale, and a distinctive black mark on his left arm. He wears fine clothing and a sling of vials and potions. Keval is leading the search for the lost Enegor of Easthiem. Alchemist.

3 Entus Damanu. Short, with red hair and amber eyes. He wears fine raiment and a rare star metal amulet . He was once on the Gate Council until the the king selected him to the 1st tier and he was relieved from the duties of the Gate Council. Fighter/Aristocrat.

4 Hallant Tiben. Golden hair and dark brown eyes, and a beaked nose. He wears fine raiment and jewelry. Hallant refers to himself in the third person. By far the eldest by appearance. 73 years old. Wizard of noteable power. He seems primarily aligned with Wericor on most matters. He often does not give reasons for his method of voting. He often likens the council meeting as a interaction between a window and bird. Wizard/ Rogue/Cleric.

5 Chend Uruchus. Large and well defined half-orc, 37 years old with braided gray hair and brown eyes. He wears fine raiment and several pouches hang from his belt. Chend is intuitive and courageous. Often he acts on his instinct, speaking passionately about issues the council might overlook. Once known for his skill with song and axe. He is one of the more popular among the non human class of the city. His record of defending the kings name in the army landed him the personal respect of the king when his commanding officer at the time, general Madclaw Glarim sent a recommend to the king. Skald

6 Wericor Stonewell. Fair in appearance, full born elf, 700 or more years old, with long red-white hair and green eyes. He wears expensive clothing and boasts a rare sword the king had given him for his efforts in a battle against Lalion. A Magus of notable skill. Magus/Oracle/Mystic Theruge

7 Erichnal of Everflame. fair in appearance, with blonde hair and soft brown eyes, 26 years old. He wears fine raiment and silk gloves. He is was the guild master of the Port Merchants Guild. It is no secret he was affiliated with the Port Lords. This is why he was also recently executed for being an accessory to a crime that altered the prices of stable foods, he also was found using his contacts to divert shipments of goods to look for something out at sea, but was sentenced primarily because he admitted to a plot to take the kings crown to the foundation court prior to the kings passing. Before now Erichnals family Everflame were on excellent terms with the king prior to his passing. The Everflame Noble family is actually the head of the Mages Guild and operates the Mages Guild. Erichnal only recently became a guild master of Port Merchants Guild within the Port Lords. However that year was short lived. Sorcerer/Rogue/Aristocrat

8 Ardiari Seymer. Exceptionally beautiful elven woman, 210 years old, with short copper hair and soft green eyes. She wears fine raiment and jewelry. Ardiari is adaptable and truthful. She is the newest on the council. She also runs her own shelter for the homeless which has been having difficulty running. She was previously employed by the Everflame Noble House as their master of arts in the mages guild. Her renown made her a popular candidate for the council when Thrain Glarim died unexpectedly. Bard.

Tier 2 Members

1 Ederin Danaric. Paladin.

2 Ritha Wearall. Aristocrat.

3 Sybeter Easthiem. Council Ward. Cleric.

4 Marger Thatchen. Wizard.

5 Lysem Berthol. Aristocrat.

6 Swigla Tarmina. Spiritualist.

7 Ethes Blackblade. Magus. Recently promoted to 2nd tier.

8 Tylus Marckus Erilius. Aristocrat.

Tier 3 Members

1 Manshae Tailmont. Wizard.

2 Sir Ardric Wearall. Cavalier.

3 Siel Andeli. Wizard.

4 Christin Kyi. Cleric.

5 Beradein Newbaum. Council Ward. Cleric.

6 Garrid Newbaum. Aristocrat.

7 Theniel Danaric. Fighter/Commoner

8 Grokk. Druid.

Head Quarters: High Council Elect Court

Safe House: High Council Elect Undercroft
Locations: Court District
Members: 3 courts of 8. There is a total number of 24 councilman. 3 of which are Council Wards.

History: The High Council was originally the king's advisors when Marimus Maigliegn the conqueror ordered his palace to be built on the peninsula. He died before its completion and his daughter halted construction. The construction force was so large they settled the area and it rapidly grew. As the city expanded, powers were slowly delegated to subcommittees. Eventually there were too many sub courts that they were absorbed by the High Council when the Talderia family took control. The council is now divided into only 3 tiers to conduct rulings and distribute powers to complete the tasks given the king.  

Means of Contact: The Council Wards are the only members who hold courts in the High Council for the general public. The Council Wards meet the day after Council Ad’de Census to hear concerns of select people the Council Wards deem beneficial to hear. If one wishes to attend a Tier council meeting they must submit a request to the Council Wards.

High Council

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