The Campaign introduces several new mechanics.

1: Standing. A statistic characters calculate to rate their position in the power spectrum of the kingdom. It is also spent as resource for favors and to achieve objectives in the story. Standing can be lost with or without the characters say as events come to pass based on their affiliations and public agendas.

          Calculate your characters standing: Level + Charisma Mod + (1 per three ranks in professions) + Misc bonuses.

A single character with 100 standing is equivalent to the king in standing and is almost guaranteed the become the king of Lanterith, assuming the second highest standing character is taken out of the picture. 

2: Agro. This is a secondary part to standing. This is usually equal to a characters standing score. When a character has to roll for a random intrigue encounter, Agro helps determine the severity and chance of that potential encounter. As these random encounters are resolved their outcomes may change a characters standing.

          Calculate your characters Agro: Standing score – Wisdom Mod – Rogue levels + Misc bonuses.

Agro does not always ensure the chance of intrigue encounters, it also does not guarantee how severe an encounter is, or the outcome of that encounter. Agro is more of a target indicator, or public image of your characters standing. Standing is a secret and only the character and GM know the actual score. The more agro you have the more likely a competitor will move to take you down a step or even avoid you all together. The higher the agro the more of a threat and more challenging you become to others attempting to attain similar goals.

3: Massive Damage. All creatures will calculate their massive damage score in order to make combat serious and potential more lethal.  When a character is hit with an attack that meets or exceeds the threshold they must make a fortitude save vs the damage -10 or die. The save is 1/2 when the damage comes from effect spells or as result of collateral damage. For example if the character was not the direct target of an attack. 

          Calculate your characters threshold: Level + Con Score + Class Hit Dice + Armors Base AC, or natural DR, or natural armor bonus.
Example, 10th lvl fighter with 15 con has a d10 for hit dice and is wearing breast plate. He is awarded +10 for total level, +15 for con score, +10 as the max number on his hit dice and +6 from armor for a total of 41 threshold. None of these bonuses can come from magic, including amulets of natural armor or spells that grant DR and similar effects. 

4: Unchained Stamina. As outlined in the unchained supplement, Stamina can be used to enhance the powers of martial characters in combat making them even more dangerous. Classes with a full base attack bonus received Unchained Stamina as a free bonus feat at the first level. Classes with abilities such as rogue talents can select Unchained Stamina as a rogue talent. 



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