The Abjugate Stone

  -As illustrated in the Chiydur Fingmar Codex

The Abjugate Stone sits as a black sphere surrounded by sand, stuck in a slab of sand stone, just barley standing out of its grainy bed three and a half feet. The stone is infinitely black and yet appears translucent and filled with a strange depth. Its touch is nearly as slick as the surface of water, yet there is none. The stone is imbedded in a large piece of sand stone which is inscribed in a silver etching of the names of all those who have serviced the kingdom a Stranger Executioner. Even though the stone is depicted as an enormous darkness, it is about the size of a child's head.

Purpose: The stones purpose is to bind the souls to the city of Lanterith. Knows to few is the stones power over the City Saints and other spirits that dwell in the kingdom, not to mention the countless mortals who have interacted with it before. However the incantation needed to interact with the stone is only known to a very select few and is incredibly difficult to perform. The stone is also integral to, The Trials of the King, and the Death by Standing penalty. 

History: The stone existed long before Lanterith ever did, and long before the previous empire of Eyarling. It was first documented in the old Chiydur Fingmar Codex, in the original Chiydur script. It was described as floating in an ocean where a merchant ship had struck it on accident. The ship sank and only a few survived, survivors returned to the stone and found that it had not moved and could not be manipulated in any way. Its location was sold to mages of Grimlatt, the Fingmar as they were called. The mages built a floating village to study the stone. One mage recorded everything that they learned, thus creating the Chiydur Fingmar Codex. One passage translated reads "We opened the darkness and it swallowed the sea and turned it into sand. One by one each of us were taken through the maelstrom inside the darkness and littered us over the sands in a violent torsion of force. I was spared and the stone said to me…" The rest of the passage is believed to entail the secret to control the sphere, which supposedly controls souls, spirits and the like. Eventually the stone was lost to history until discovered by Marimus Maigleign when he camped on the sands that the stone now called home. Marimus didn't realize this until after he conquered Eyarling, and the spirit Vimiaun introduced him to the stone. Vimiaun taught Marimus how to control the stone, and Marimus did so, as Vimiaun taught him. Marimus gave Vimiaun and the four other City Saints their title and bound them to the city and to serve it forever with powers provided by the stone. So the story goes Marimus had to give up a memory to the stone deserving of its power, Marimus gave up the memories of his trials that lead to his conquering of Eyarling. Lanterith expanded and Marimus went missing not long after he was crowned king. His daughter learned of the powers of the stone and built a wall that surrounded the stone filled with skilled veteran soldiers as guards to prevent anyone from using the stone for evil. The Gate Council was formed. The Council protected the stone, and over time became part of the governing structure of Lanterith. As the monarchy power was slowly delegated to the Councils the Gate Council became known as the protectors of government property and by extension government servants, living, dead and even undead.

          It wasn't until Griffith Talderia the First was assassinated and his son was to young to be heir of the throne did the stone get assigned another purpose, a part of a trial to select a new king. The kings advisors, now known as the First Tier Council proposed a series of trials would be put in place when the kingdom needed to select a new king, and to ensure that king was just as determined and powerful as Marimus ever was. Using the memories trapped inside the stone as the guide for the trials the ritual law knows as The Kings Trials was born. 

          When the Assassin was found who had murdered Griffith Talderia the First the Council could not find a punishment worthy of the sin. The Gate Council elder at the time, Terym Catherleign recommended "Death by Standing." This is when the stone adopted yet another purpose in the Kingdom. Those proven guilty in court and awarded the Death by Standing were to be killed standing by a stranger who accepted the task in return for a new life. The catch being that the convict must die before he falls to the ground otherwise the stone would bring him back to life to be smitten again by a new stranger. The process to repeat over and over until the convict died standing, and unable to die until he was killed standing by a stranger. This is why the stone can be seen today with first name of several dozen names etched in a magical silver, the old names of the stranger executioners who took the call. 

Rumor: The Children of the Fray worship the stone and believe it to be an artifact capable of destroying the entire empire and bring the ultimate ruin to the mortal and spiritual world.

The Abjugate Stone

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