The Architects Guild


Name: The Architects Guild      

Influence: The guild controls the quality of the laborers of Lanterith and well as shapes the flow and profit from cities exports. They also maintain the building codes of the city and are the only entity that can approve changes to buildings inside the city, including all castles and government buildings, save the palaces.

Control: As mentioned above they control building codes. They also control the wealth by majority of the common working class of the entire city.

Public Reputation: Quite probably the largest affiliation or guild in the entire world. Its network is one of common understanding and participation in their often strange world. No one in Lanterith just works for themselves, and this is well understood. The guild maintains a degree of quality workmanship among its vast membership and is well supplied. Despite their well regarded reputation, its no secret they are most probably responsible for many a dark dealing in the streets.
The Guild is officially run by Townsmen Glenn, a wealthy merchant and skilled carpenter who resides in his own castle. The guild requires nearly every architect, barber, seamstress, tailor, cobbler, cordwain, carpenter, herbalist, brewmaster and mercenary to maintain a membership. A memberships is 1 gold a month, or 3% sales fee whichever is greater in order to maintain ones position and benefits. A member enjoys the many contacts, workshops, protections and communal supplies required to grow a business of any kind. The guild also runs private clubs that only admit members. Members are to wear amulets of star metal to show their membership and learn a handshake that belongs to each sub division of the guild. A superstition among the common folk is that members of the guild shape the ground floor and make problems of well paying elites and political bodies disappear in one way or another.

Inner Reputation: Members of the guild who wish to advance beyond that of mere laborers must showcase a degree of skill in the martial, magical, or alchemical arts. The guild waives the fee's to those who advance to that of the second degree. Not much is known of this as those who advance beyond that of "members." They are still seen about doing their daily works, except they always have the look of a man who knows what is to happen next.  The guilds foremen are commonly seen about ensuring their quotas are met and their members do well to never fall short. Many members fear if they are among the lowest performers they will simply disappear. Ambitious and well to do find great benefits among the guild and are well rewarded for their works. They are often seen in the presence of Townsmen Glenn doing various activities with the political elites. 

Saying: "All in good works"

Standing: 60

Leadership: Oligarchy. 
Primary Leader: Members of the Abandoned Table. 

Secondary: Townsmen Glenn.


Head Quarters: Townsmen Glenns Castle

Safe House: Numerous safe houses, clubs and secret shelters in every district.
Locations: There is technically a presence of the guild in every district to some degree, such as members business and representatives that work or live in every district.
Members: Their ranks consist of every laborer imaginable. Its implied that every laboring businessmen owes them respect and is required to maintain membership. It's not well understood what happens if one does not maintain a membership. Members who pay are provided a amulet of starmetal and are taught a handshake by the sub division or district foreman to use for guild purposes only.

History: The guild originally began as quartermasters, barbers, smiths, healers and entertainers that maintained Marimus Maigleigns armies during times of war. When Marimus died and the city was starting to expand so did the guild, their roof extended over the laborers who lost their jobs when palace construction were halted. When the palace was finally ordered to be completed the guild expanded yet again with the sudden influx of coin over more and more laborers. The city often looked to the guild for skilled artisans, architects and the like for various projects. Eventually their wealth and reputation expanded around the world. The guild eventually formed a small and anonymous group to keep their goals in order during this time of expansion. Their last governement job was the extension of the various undercroft systems that provided proper passage for running water and gasworks to be installed in various districts and buildings. When the job was completed a handful of politicians believed the knowledge and blueprints to this extensive network of tunnels to be a dangerous bit of information, they set out to have the copies removed from the guild and to make the guilds operations effectively illegal and to disband the guild. During this time the guild provided irrefutable information to the king that just so happened to include members working against the guild of their involvement in a human trafficking ring. These true criminals were brought to justice and the guild was rewarded a handsome bonus from the first of the Talderia family for their good works. It was on this day the guild became responsible for the building and minimum of quality codes of the entire city. Anyone wishing to alter or build in the city is required to purchase a permit from the guild and significant changes are to be overseen by an official, and approved by the appointed Townsmen. 

Means of Contact: The guild can be officially contacted at any guild club by requesting a visitors license for general questions. Those seeking membership can also go to club to join, but those seeking permits and licenses must make an appointment at the Townsmens Castle to make a formal request. Those seeking special services must already be a member of a certain degree and would already know what to do. 

The Architects Guild

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