The Royal Crown

The Crown of Lanterith is only worn by two individuals. One being the sworn ruler of Lanterith by conquest, lineage, or by choice of the high council elect. The other being is nothing more than the myth of the third absent of hell, Tytherian.

It is however no myth that the Crown grants the king unprecedented clarity and vision beyond that of mere mortals. The Crown is said to prevent any kind of magic effect or aura from clouding or penetrating the mind of its rightful owner. The crown does not empower those of low mental substance. But it does not only fortifies those mind it finds worthy but also protects their body from poison, disease, and effects that drain or damage the body. Lastly the crown warns the lord if he touches anyone who mean him very ill will.

The crown also bestows an effective +2 charisma and intelligence bonus as a passive competence effect. 

The crown is priceless of course, but some less than reputable markets have listed a price of 198,000 gold pieces for something that can replicate its powers. 

Besides its powers, the crown is also covered in strict laws that govern how it may be handles when there is no king to wear it. When there is no king to wear it, the crown is taken to its resting place in the Foundation Court 100ft below the palace in an underground aquifer. The crown at this time may only be handled by the Gate Council Sentinels who protect the access the foundation court at all times, and protect the king when he is wearing the crown out of Lanterith. The council are responsible for returning and fetching the crown as necessary for passing and newly vowed kings of the city.

If the crown were ever stolen its the Sentinels job to search for it immediately while the High Council and Gate Council would also begin investigations. Before Bayard Griffith Talderia III passed away he had the Knights of Catherleign bestow an enchantment on the crown that would allow the knights to summon it in case of emergencies, but cannot be used if the crown is already welded by the lord of the Lanterith, in the foundation court or in the hands of the rightful heir. 

The Royal Crown

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